Service sheets

Most files are scans. The word 'TEXT' means it contains searchable text. Some are marked 'Quality Scans'. If you see errors or have stuff to add please let us know. If you are asked to log in for a download please report that too.

Service Sheets

Also see BSA service sheets arranged by model on this site:

file_id name Type size ScopeComments Download
1WiSx9ILJR9l2giWpe4gEHr-uuZL2Tbhm 1. - Service Sheets index.pdf pdf 89 KB BSA Index of which service sheets for which bikes Click
1Hs6dE6CXt01ptj6mQ8yJMMCcNuB6_jE6 sectionA_BSAservicesheetno201.pdf pdf 200 KB A7, A10 Engine and Gearbox Exploded View Click
17V-blh0lHlXjQfAT13biT70Vxt2omHUN sectionA_BSAservicesheetno202.pdf pdf 76 KB A7, A10A Group Models Lubrication System Click
18ZVTpngY6cA7znuAQWLYaOFxRkn52FjG sectionA_BSAservicesheetno203.pdf pdf 115 KB A7, A10Engine Adjustments without removal Click
1qa4RBMGorLrnCxtyl3hP75FEgr0ECFyo sectionA_BSAservicesheetno204.pdf pdf 120 KB A7, A10 A Group Engine Dismantling for Decarbonising Click
1ec-f3rUhBME0z1vTAjecXoKd0OHR81-M sectionA_BSAservicesheetno205.pdf pdf 75 KB A group rigid plungerRemoval of the Engine Gear Unit from Frame Click
1JYNnxz229j-sL4qrABWRuv5tft9sGfGw sectionA_BSAservicesheetno206.pdf pdf 113 KB A groupA Group Models Complete Engine Dismantling Click
1-Y8rAApKNsBb9ij5Uowg-lUfTCdfckuo sectionA_BSAservicesheetno207.pdf pdf 42 KB A group Crankshaft Regrinding Click
1wI9rOlj3M4wujoUVx6mAX2PZqB-zwJPS sectionA_BSAservicesheetno208.pdf pdf 220 KB A groupComplete Reassembly of the A group Engine Click
1D_qjFIv4Vmjbv9TX4xmRkispntPLgmCb sectionA_BSAservicesheetno209.pdf pdf 82 KB A group, C10,C11,C12Dismantling and Reassembly of the Gearbox Click
1M2GZOTNaUdL3uU6b-YkBbOYRf-GlUG_F sectionA_BSAservicesheetno210.pdf pdf 71 KB A groupA Group Model Transmissions Click
1jhjSOSJFuP6fgdB1wTCxbidYkFVPxeEb sectionA_BSAservicesheetno211.pdf pdf 36 KB A group rigid plungerDismantling and reassembly of the clutch Click
15eRe815n111OoAGWqERrgi7ue7qV0SHj sectionA_BSAservicesheetno212.pdf pdf 587 KB A group (before eng ZA7-101)Hubs and Brakes Click
1Ti76988IcWsbgWmYkj78zE9BnGBPk5mA sectionA_BSAservicesheetno213.pdf pdf 49 KB A,B,M plungers Spring Frame on A, B, and M group models Click
1VTPyl97NeaL_fRUoJymaUDwny1duWKnL sectionA_BSAservicesheetno214.pdf pdf 92 KB A group swing armEngine Removal on A group swinging arm models Click
1a3Npj-LTCvWCIdBOsigE6KrQzupF48Su sectionA_BSAservicesheetno215.pdf pdf 156 KB A group swing arm Reassembly of the Engine on A Group Swinging Arm models Click
1UMcgZ0S8mbUyirQP5V6T-tR0GkayKy7p sectionA_BSAservicesheetno216.pdf pdf 52 KB A group swing armA Group Swinging Arm Models Useful Data Click
1L6olFokP90yR_g6nC4PSb4bRgxfOGrG9 sectionB_BSAservicesheetno301.pdf pdf 62 KB B Group B Group Engine Exploded View Click
1YX6JofGFWLlrayLDx7-r8y3WeEum3T9q sectionB_BSAservicesheetno302.pdf pdf 105 KB B Group and M33? B Group Gearbox Exploded View Click
1Ic1nOvg4JQChralgCGDlxJa4AlvQXpzn sectionB_BSAservicesheetno303.pdf pdf 106 KB B Group and M33 B Group and M33 Models Dismantling the Engine Click
1dibD_bt6q7vLR4_5BBLnLlsYT9mwtvW8 sectionB_BSAservicesheetno304.pdf pdf 107 KB B GroupB Group Removing Engine From Frame Click
1QtXKiceCwDt0NI7z7d5QPozbLX-Bei5x sectionB_BSAservicesheetno305.pdf pdf 55 KB B GroupB Group Models Reassembling the Engine Click
1LC_yvRsmHvfZQ1kynGbC5WDxdHtdCUyT sectionB_BSAservicesheetno306.pdf pdf 115 KB B Group until 1948B Group Models Dismantling and Reassembly of Gearbox Click
1rNmc8kICR3NwMZoNh-2AHODhEG5ilTka sectionB_BSAservicesheetno307.pdf pdf 59 KB B Group (not GB)B Group Models Transmission Click
129ccZ-QxQFBcNjiow53ASTbgM8mvh6k- sectionB_BSAservicesheetno308.pdf pdf 55 KB 6 spring clutchClutch on M Group, C11, C10, A Group(SA) and B Group Click
1yUjvcTfn8ZY4Wd-VrmS_-EH0QbRaTZ88 sectionB_BSAservicesheetno309.pdf pdf 37 KB B and M groupsAdjustment, Dismantling, and Re-Assembly of the Rear Hub and Brake Click
1zhASVOOcV_htrgYNa-FQ2ZhB4l-NABLt sectionB_BSAservicesheetno310.pdf pdf 47 KB A and B group (welded frames)B and A Group Models Primary Transmission Click
1QmgVkWyHEYQXIQ_MMmJ8Q2LRQm3FKyGp sectionB_BSAservicesheetno311.pdf pdf 68 KB A and B group - swing armDismantling and Re-Assembly of Gearbox and Gearchange Click
1aIWDFthSU9sQP04qGGJiocs8zYS-VDBV sectionB_BSAservicesheetno312.pdf pdf 18 KB B group - swing arm B Group (Swinging Arm Data) USeful Data Click
1AJc6-NwltLsP319bc-Fv-0Qkmht2VD4f sectionB_BSAservicesheetno313.pdf pdf 32 KB A and B group - swing armA and B Group Rear Suspension (Swinging Arm Models) Click
1gHw7d3yXQYBif_W4fRcmRRJRyWk0ADr6 sectionB_BSAservicesheetno314.pdf pdf 52 KB B Group (engine prefix GB) B Group (with engine prefix GB) Models Primary Transmission Click
1oX-VcMwknadYwhkygzpuPCqyYPf8ADWK sectionB_BSAservicesheetno315.pdf pdf 38 KB B Group (engine prefix GB)B Group (with engine prefix GB) Clutch Click
1Cx_UMjV1M9uqo9eMjQnkwH8yPufCsms- sectionC_BSAservicesheetno401.pdf pdf 84 KB C10 Engine Exploded View Click
1eSY7sLJtFNV5xe9VU2r-ItFswdCL--py sectionC_BSAservicesheetno402.pdf pdf 86 KB C11 Engine Exploded View Click
1DCQIDAiN5ugqjC-bNKi8Ks0xyWFnfvCO sectionC_BSAservicesheetno403.pdf pdf 123 KB C Group 3 Speed Gearbox Exploded View Click
11YV4sczEHYbOVjbW-WUA35afbxq_M0nv sectionC_BSAservicesheetno404.pdf pdf 137 KB C Group Models Engine Adjustments wo Dismantling Click
1LkDNh6PUsOyu6SgCCklOrAdUcuYpGjhx sectionC_BSAservicesheetno405.pdf pdf 133 KB C Group Models Engine Dismantling for Decarbonising Click
1XIDsVO__AbwbQGoqxqyoE6bhCHDpnki1 sectionC_BSAservicesheetno406.pdf pdf 94 KB C10 and C11 Engine Removal from Frame Click
1PvyCTB2xegeZ5ELIwdJTgnc_SK-oC_-4 sectionC_BSAservicesheetno407.pdf pdf 73 KB C10 and C11 Models Reassembling the Engine Click
17Y38KPGhDgJ2N2DjB5ymr8Xytfo6KwqU sectionC_BSAservicesheetno408.pdf pdf 192 KB C Group Models Gearbox and Gearchange Click
1kNBeBAJz-STf-PkGq2xJWq6oYI-woSqU sectionC_BSAservicesheetno409.pdf pdf 88 KB C Group Models Primary Transmission Click
1NgNRP1te_0eTHLQIHMvEtH3JrmiqFpIe sectionC_BSAservicesheetno410.pdf pdf 83 KB C Group Models Hubs and Brakes Click
1SNYC8HLYjyl3INQIavEb5q6lWCSXQ-1C sectionC_BSAservicesheetno411.pdf pdf 50 KB C Group Models Clutch Click
1PwbPqDGy-aRLpQDDHauOwdbWpJpwGPTO sectionC_BSAservicesheetno412.pdf pdf 208 KB C Group Models(Plunger Type Rear Suspension) Hubs and Brakes Click
1WdaYQ2Nt2zRKHNEqtjV82wTEGHtWc7MN sectionC_BSAservicesheetno413.pdf pdf 82 KB C10L and C11G Engine Removal from Frame Click
1ydoA55o08rAEfMIHINmjjiF4bELYztM3 sectionC_BSAservicesheetno414.pdf pdf 87 KB C10L and C11G Engine Reassembly Click
1hXqnSjQ5_eVnOp2Djwt8sePdKef0lScA sectionC_BSAservicesheetno415.pdf pdf 68 KB C10L and C11G Models Useful Data Click
1dPKDIfN3NB1ewnfh_C6TA7bdFPG9SZG0 sectionC_BSAservicesheetno421.pdf pdf 112 KB Model C15 Engine Dismantling for Decarbonising Click
1D7k2jJmLeuJymNk92w8DqqUwQA2j44PB sectionC_BSAservicesheetno422.pdf pdf 186 KB Model C15 Gearbox and Gearchange Click
1mGcYtVLO1vz1TDRBGeLpQNdSot3RjAvS sectionC_BSAservicesheetno423.pdf pdf 56 KB Model C15 Complete Dismantling of the Gearbox Unit Click
15K5uplFtrp3OsKDZDR5gcMvliU2qfRge sectionC_BSAservicesheetno424.pdf pdf 86 KB Model C15 Reassembly of the Gearbox Unit Click
1RgrtEyUROK1tvsomHt9MC0Bnk6lAlHb8 sectionC_BSAservicesheetno425.pdf pdf 112 KB Model C15 Hubs and Brakes Click
11l3B67Lhk1WamSfxq2x4Hujtav777sB1 sectionC_BSAservicesheetno426.pdf pdf 86 KB Model C15 Front Forks and Steering Head Click
1AS06XQVkVteTeDQY1Kr5VE57LhGefQ-H sectionC_BSAservicesheetno427.pdf pdf 110 KB C15 Adjustments w\o Dismantling Click
1E1-WXGQjwNAVA3slxQhACB-35LHIaVv5 sectionC_BSAservicesheetno504.pdf pdf 74 KB D Group Models Dismantling for Decarbonising Click
1fPIwysDvVjyPmg2O4B_hl9cb2wG4iOd8 sectionC_BSAservicesheetno505.pdf pdf 182 KB D Group Models Engine and Gearbox Unit Removal From Frame Click
1_ZLfzlQaMsvuoHTmK--s2wPW59HLEn8Q sectionC_BSAservicesheetno506.pdf pdf 214 KB Reassembly of D Group Models Engine and Gearbox Unit Click
1I6GUPUkQ9lL-BUvYLPbwDAZf_1gryrUd sectionC_BSAservicesheetno507.pdf pdf 48 KB D Group Models Primary Transmission Click
1FYE1AbsB9yCYqcN9xdURpCGGirjz8fWZ sectionC_BSAservicesheetno508.pdf pdf 181 KB D Group Models Dismantling/Reassembly of the Hubs and Brakes Click
1E6yrMklDiflHuGB83a5dGoF5NHNzgg51 sectionC_BSAservicesheetno509.pdf pdf 127 KB D1, D3, C10L (until 1956)Front Forks and Steering Head Click
1iipUSf1_eMyel3j6sP1AeemJFQHNJg79 sectionC_BSAservicesheetno510.pdf pdf 18 KB D Group Models Useful Data Click
12aWHDurDoU2QRwsDVZ_oRVk8b-7RclEr sectionC_BSAservicesheetno511.pdf pdf 17 KB Models D1 and D3 Workshop Data Click
1mq9eaoNXlN7RvQo0cWx7SARcMb6K2xiu sectionC_BSAservicesheetno514.pdf pdf 36 KB D and C Group Models Plunger Type Rear Suspension Click
1XZokGSHmledGOxTuE-p5hii5INAlknlu sectionC_BSAservicesheetno515.pdf pdf 102 KB Model D7 Hubs and Brakes Click
1elQUV8YlN5WRXHop5AoH8LdT1ALpj_j4 sectionC_BSAservicesheetno516.pdf pdf 64 KB Model D7 Front Forks and Steering Head Click
1Clg7kmVsBuogSGUCcpmLYAldNIs8oa7B sectionM_BSAservicesheetno601.pdf pdf 56 KB M20 and M21 Engine Exploded View Click
1_gbFJbLeti2_rs8pXZ6_wDWzgzFSHaDc sectionM_BSAservicesheetno602.pdf pdf 101 KB M Group Gearbox Exploded View Click
1xJGcVlUsWhDRQH4k74IJXheGC8Nc9Vr4 sectionM_BSAservicesheetno603.pdf pdf 214 KB B, C, and M Group Models Lubrication System Click
1KCBwDvz_2hAPIk3DTSP7R8YeWqO-TDNT sectionM_BSAservicesheetno604.pdf pdf 162 KB B and M Group Models Engine Adjustments without Dismantling Click
1QKrUIYCW_B8s3iCV3DnRHp_LZjBpKwyJ sectionM_BSAservicesheetno605.pdf pdf 69 KB B Group Models Engine Dismantling for Decarbonising Click
1q2hkI96ENom6bIkKiMWkb-YsMFvqvONi sectionM_BSAservicesheetno606.pdf pdf 156 KB M Group Models Engine Removal From Frame Click
1hYluIlvNUp8x1EdxyR3CCUyDYxwvsi0z sectionM_BSAservicesheetno607.pdf pdf 152 KB M Group Models Reassembling the Engine Click
1eMP8b0ZlW8_hBOhz9_oESRbgj32yYQJk sectionM_BSAservicesheetno608.pdf pdf 188 KB B and M Group Models Gearbox and Gearchange Click
1Tx133MCl14mvPQyQexne61ryeHCOIoc9 sectionM_BSAservicesheetno609.pdf pdf 80 KB M Group Models Transmission Adjustments Click
1OgDkEjEK8EiozqXjFyWJpf-mKkg3TJFD sectionM_BSAservicesheetno610.pdf pdf 60 KB M Group Models Dismantling and Reassembly of the Clutch Click
1WCMpksSVBg7uwMzk5SOFCVF5fz7P4qPs sectionM_BSAservicesheetno611.pdf pdf 75 KB M Group Models Hubs and Brakes Click
1h6zRo_IZugVJvLuApJwQCN_Yf8RBrGfN sectionM_BSAservicesheetno612.pdf pdf 39 KB All Models Brake Religning Click
19IuM0RcDNEa7UWbvSahBPhXgBrFtKPo1 sectionM_BSAservicesheetno613.pdf pdf 76 KB M Group Models Steering Head and Front Fork Adjustments Click
1PXZT-v0c3dEq_4-hdyMDAbY7Y_RyFrhj sectionM_BSAservicesheetno614.pdf pdf 45 KB Removal, Dismantling and Reassembly of Front Forks and Steering Head Click
1upxaT646Zj90LXnTEN5dh4-2vJj12h6I sectionX_BSAservicesheetno701.pdf pdf 47 KB All Models Useful Data Click
1yyxp-iFnMM_tFVnBNfhiskvqsmvRJKDK sectionX_BSAservicesheetno702.pdf pdf 36 KB All Models Engine, Bush, and Shaft Diameters Click
1j3UhK907VUJTqULVNCn95d6IV5J-xbdj sectionX_BSAservicesheetno703.pdf pdf 35 KB All Models - Bearings Click
1dU5mxeSUUkK8Qsson76p0KrA8EcU5OEb sectionX_BSAservicesheetno704.pdf pdf 26 KB All Models Piston Clearances Click
1UeeRMeNfK18IziTVjwwMFj5XJkl96zOn sectionX_BSAservicesheetno705.pdf pdf 34 KB All Models Periodical Maintenance Click
1K9HRZuUFmp_11fnmpXUd4hqvzsTYKF6d sectionX_BSAservicesheetno707.pdf pdf 19 KB Goldstar and Competition Models Click
1FwCuxntZA5djn8_PCRQ3aizPh7IHogyW sectionX_BSAservicesheetno708.pdf pdf 685 KB All Models - Carburation Click
1iZfOGi0dBzfAJr5166MQXokwSdtV99xC sectionX_BSAservicesheetno709.pdf pdf 40 KB All Models - Troubleshooting Click
1Qj6ul2R3VMDlJzsEpf8AxbhiBOcYm-cN sectionX_BSAservicesheetno710.pdf pdf 404 KB All Models - Chain Alterations and Repairs Click
1IWeYhdfZ266kwTrBu-5LiZCgqtpUYnI7 sectionX_BSAservicesheetno711.pdf pdf 562 KB All Models - Service Tools 1946-1958 Click
1PfYQuAsXBRdlG00iEfaEX-fIN7ZleFYe sectionX_BSAservicesheetno712.pdf pdf 93 KB All Models - Flywheel Balancing Click
1PH9tP39s_g5KT8MDuXYML2r3DmM0bQpS sectionX_BSAservicesheetno713.pdf pdf 81 KB All Models (except C15 and D Group) - Dismantling Click
1uKa-3T7GbWSTln2kPosM94EEOHuSPyt7 sectionX_BSAservicesheetno714.pdf pdf 187 KB Spoke Sizes Click
1hEgJEIN10A0MYwmsKevMYpj8vYr0-lM2 sectionY_BSAservicesheetno801.pdf pdf 302 KB A Group Models Magneto Click
1aN01eZutwt2n9-2Ym3eRUvGfhOH5tHTK sectionY_BSAservicesheetno802.pdf pdf 351 KB B and M Group Models Magdyno Click
1j2OrwEhZFOvsJ6PRP-EW59dZQDD_-vo1 sectionY_BSAservicesheetno803.pdf pdf 179 KB C10 and C11 Coil Ignition Equipment Click
1Zonbth9zyIzR1-4LCSm-9eh8ABKRCL_O sectionY_BSAservicesheetno804.pdf pdf 199 KB C10, C11, A, B and M Group Models regulator Unit Click
1jjCCppfFNix9la4-cR8n4InpGYwTjNXd sectionY_BSAservicesheetno805.pdf pdf 240 KB All Models Battery - Lead Acid Types Click
1Yrjusg5rPpqybHWzcxXnSKnYdvxdiCgq sectionY_BSAservicesheetno806.pdf pdf 147 KB All Models - Lamps Click
1uODGGETgxEErfV2g0sJKxTGDfPvttqQK sectionY_BSAservicesheetno807.pdf pdf 57 KB All Models - Electric Horn Click
1rg8dHowzP2ZQmviB8d7lVCX-NrojsHPx sectionY_BSAservicesheetno808.pdf pdf 420 KB A, B, and M Group Models Wiring Diagrams Click
1GZxl5dRqhQzdEXTdUIYCz4KHqJGaH9n- sectionY_BSAservicesheetno809.pdf pdf 339 KB Generators - Models E3H and E3HM Click
1VBUtE2YWmECJP1EVp4mZyexw2qae5H4o sectionY_BSAservicesheetno810.pdf pdf 466 KB Model D1 -Wico Pacy- Geni Mag Equipment Click
1Dt4bqzZrS21f6bnSy4ME1AiJYfKWpduI sectionY_BSAservicesheetno811.pdf pdf 67 KB Models D1, D3 and C10L - Lamps Click
1RIRbcWDp95_RtDaTbteR4GqglrqzjjJK sectionY_BSAservicesheetno812.pdf pdf 366 KB Model D1 - Lucas Alternating Equipment Click
1xgp-g6P2Ykc5NcaWPnQ5hTF1F78qORNB sectionY_BSAservicesheetno813.pdf pdf 718 KB C and B Group Models - Lucas Lighting Click
1Q43O3MVaRXBPuS2Jg6E5y2DoY_EBvF9p sectionY_BSAservicesheetno814.pdf pdf 139 KB Model C10 - Wipac Lighting Click
1w2bolIUDyI6OBN9nLobmIFUbR_ZQCG2_ sectionY_BSAservicesheetno815.pdf pdf 101 KB Models D1, D3 and C10L - Varley Battery Click